From Space to Earth - New space – new business opportunities

Sidearrangement under Arctic Frontiers 2020. Fylkesråd for næring og miljø, Karin Eriksen (Sp) holder åpningsinnlegg.

29. januar 2020
10:30 - 13:00
Arbeidskontoret 2, Clarion Hotel the Edge

The Scandinavian Arctic is the most developed part of the Arctic region. It is multifaceted and based on specific challenges and rich opportunities. There is particular challenges related to remote locations and sparse populations, cold climate, remote communities and climate changes. However, some of these challenges can be tackled by new space assets and new space infrastructure.

What role can this region take in the further development of the Arctic related to development research and innovation? How can earth observation services contribute to a better understanding and predictability to climate changes, environmental hazards and maritime monitoring? There is a strong tradition of cooperation within the Scandinavian Arctic. How can cooperation within the space industry be further developed, what should be the prioritized areas and what are the new business opportunities?

Session 1 Business development in the space industry (In Scandinavian language)

Moderator: Johanna Bergström Roos, RIT
Keynotes and panelists:

- Stefan Gustafsson, SSC
- Olle Norberg, LTU
- Jens Lundström, Arctic Business
- Ole-Morten Olsen, Norsk Romsenter/Norwegian Space Agency
- Kystverket

Session 2 Development in the regional space industry and future need of competence (In Scandinavian language)

Moderator: Ingrid Dahl Skarstein, Innovasjon Norge
Key notes and panelists:

- Anne Husebekk UiT The Arctic University of Norway
- Jan Petter Pedersen, KSAT
- Andøya Space Centre


Troms og Finnmark Fylkeskommune, Norrbottens län, KSAT og Arctic Frontiers
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