AVLYST: Joint Working Group on Culture meeting

Kulturdepartementet inviterer til møte for JWGCs medlemmer på Tvibit i Tromsø, i samarbeid med fylkeskommunen.

22. april 2020
Varer hele dagen
Tvibit, Tromsø

Dette arrangementet er avlyst.


Foreløpig informasjon fra departementet:

21. april: Afternoon/evening: Arrival. Optional social gathering.

22. april: JWGC meeting. Visit to cultural institution. Dinner hosted by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture.

23. april: JWGC meeting, continued. Lunch/Departure.

The full agenda will be sent out later. However, youth culture will be an issue to be pursued. We will hold the meeting at the Tvibit Youth House, which has many interesting cultural activities and offers for youth in the city. See the attachment for more information, or their website http://tvibit.net/ We shall also have to have a look at the Barents Scholarship.

The Working group of Indigineous Peoples (WGIP) and the Joint Working group on Youth (JWGY) will be invited to participate. We will also invite some actors from the Northern Norwegian cultural sector to share of their experience of youth activities.

Practical information

Flights: There are several daily direct flights to Tromsø from Oslo. You can also travel via Kirkenes.

Accomodation: Our friends in Troms and Finnmark county council have reserved rooms for up to 18 people (Hotel Thon, NOK 1017/night). If you would like to take advantage of the offer, please book directly at the hotel, using this link: https://www.thonhotels.no/event/jwgc-meeting/ 
Please note that the deadline for booking using this offer is 1 April.


Kulturdepartementet i samarbeid med Troms og Finnmark fylkeskommune


Eirin Gjelsås, tlf 77 78 82 06
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