Ungdommens fylkesråd adresserte klimakrisen

Tre kvinner står på en konferansescene, to av de i samekofte. - Klikk for stort bildeSunna Svendsen representerte Ungdommens fylkesråd under åpningen av Artict Frontiers 2022. Her sammen med direktør Anu Fredrikson og sametingspresident Silje Karine Moutka. Foto: Hanne Lille/Troms og Finnmark fylkeskommune.Sunna Svendsen fra Ungdommens fylkesråd slo et slag for miljøet under åpningen av årets Arctic Frontiers. – Vi må stoppe det kontinuerlige naturinngrepet i Arktis, var hennes klare beskjed.

Arctic Frontiers samler deltakere fra hele verden og med årets tema, Pathways, skal konferansen reflektere over valgene vi i Arktis står ovenfor i møte med store globale utfordringer.

En av disse utfordringene er klimakrisen, som Sunna Svendsen adresserte i sitt innlegg på vegne av Ungdommens fylkesråd.

Åpningsinnlegg - Sunna Svendsen (UFR)

Buorre beaivvi!

My name is Sunna Svendsen, and I am a member of the Youth County Council in Troms and Finnmark.

As a Sami youth, I have one important message today:

We must stop the continuous encroachment on nature in the Arctic.

We Sami know that we’re only a guest in nature and that you must not take more than you need. Our traditional way of living taught us that we can live comfortably if we manage nature carefully.

However, currently, we consume more than nature can provide. Our climate and nature are letting us know that it can't take it anymore. 

Previous generations have taken liberties and luxuries, which my and future generations will have to pay for.

We see the consequences of climate change, however, little action has been taken and people are struggling.

In Sami society, the reindeer-herders in particular, are facing problems. 2022 was another crisis year and with the climate progressively getting worse, this is unlikely to change any time soon.

We need to rethink what we're doing.

Just like reindeer-herding, agriculture, and fisheries will need to reinvent themselves if they want to survive.

Our energy consumption and climate emissions know no bounds. We have to start thinking of alternatives, but it makes no sense to sacrifice the most vulnerable areas in Norway, which also happen to have special protection as indigenous areas.

Windmill parks, power lines, and mining will disturb and compromise our untouched landscapes, all for the sake of energy production, destroying Sápmi in search of financial surplus.

We will never get enough energy the way it’s currently going. We have to put our foot down. Otherwise, we will dig ourselves a hole too deep to get out of.

I do believe that by using our creativity and working together, we can find solutions.

To accomplish this, all votes must weigh equally, not just the votes of those with the greatest financial ambitions and thickest wallets.

Thank you!

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